About Me

Heather is a licensed dietitian/nutritionist who promotes finding happiness and well-being in life while nourishing your body with real, whole, natural foods. She has coached and counseled clients in various settings for just under 7 years and understands the importance of providing a hands-on, visual teaching approach to healthy living. Offering a variety of sessions such as one-on-ones, grocery store and farmers market tours, walk and talks, in-home kitchen “how-to’s” and group classes, Heather evokes kitchen confidence and empowers her clients to create positive, sustainable lifestyle changes. As an advocate for mindfulness, self-love and optimism, Heather is dedicated and eager to serve the community by sharing her knowledge and passion to “Be and Eat Well.”


My Mission:

Teaching you how to eat to feel your best.


Heather Frost, MS, RDN, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist