Personalized Nutrition Counseling

What you can expect when working with me:

First, and most importantly, I will listen to you. I will assess your daily eating routine, health history, lifestyle factors such as sleep, physical activity and stress management, then walk you through personalized recommendations to get you started on making one small change at a time in teaching you how and what to eat for optimal health.

If weight loss is part of your goal, we will discuss how to implement healthy behaviors on a consistent basis. Weight loss is the result of practicing consistent, daily, healthy habits and routines. I will help you strategize a simple, personalized plan and teach you how to meal prep (including packing your lunch), how to cook to have leftovers, how to navigate the grocery store, how to eat mindfully to reduce stress eating and how to fit movement into your week and your busy schedule.

During your personalized nutrition consult you will visually learn how this plan can work for you by taking home pictures and information to remind you how to balance your plate. If you’d like a real hands-on learning experience, we will meet at the grocery store to look at products and ingredients. You will learn how to shop to save money, how to pick a ripe avocado and learn how to read a yogurt label to avoid a sugar crash. Wondering if you have healthy foods on hand in your pantry or in your fridge? We can schedule a session to stock your kitchen to make sure you’re setting yourself up for success!

My goal is to provide you with not only personalized information and a plan, but give you the encouragement, support, motivation and education you need to put this knowledge to use in making your health a priority and feeling your best!

You will be saving time, money and energy by having an expert supporting you, keeping you centered around your goals and deciphering all the information you read on the internet and social media. You will be able to put this knowledge to use right away with confidence, lose the weight you’ve been wanting to for so long, and have the energy to keep moving, feeling good about yourself and your accomplishments!


Now Accepting:

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Insurance

Cash pay packages available

Cash, credit card, HSA & FSA cards accepted


Office Location(s):

Alamance Wellness Studio: 2823 S Church St. Burlington, NC 27215

Cedar Walk Wellness Center: 147 W King St. Hillsborough NC, 27278